5 Ways to Get More Customers in San Antonio

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Written By Nathan Pineda

Nathan is a Web Designer and SEO Specialist at Curious Laiman Digital.

May 16, 2022

5 Ways to Get More Customers in San Antonio

  1. Social Media Growth
  2. Create a Website
  3. SEO Improvements
  4. Write a Business Blog
  5. Email Marketing with Automation
  6. BONUS: Free Content

90% of the US population is online, and most use search engines and social media to guide their shopping decisions. Online visibility is key for your San Antonio business, whether you are trying to reach the world or market specifically to San Antonio locals who are within your business service area. Customers today don’t just find directions to local businesses online, they often do extensive online research before deciding to commit to a service or sign up for a membership.

If you want to get more customers for your San Antonio business, and for your business to thrive, it’s time to embrace the latest in convenient-wide marketing platforms and tools. Let’s dive into the top five ways to get more customers through digital marketing.

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1. Social Media Growth

Social media campaigns can be a largely effective tool for San Antonio startups and small businesses. Posting on social media allows you to grow your overall visibility to both local and distant potential followers and raise awareness of your brand. You can build a following of locals who will then choose your business over others and share a rapport with your clients by sharing a social media space with them.

Social media networking allows you to reach out to others, and respond when you are found by those who reach out to you. It’s a highly interactive platform that can contact future clients and build a relationship with your existing audience pool.

Building a social media campaign and network depends on having a great community manager. They will determine how hyped the crowds get for your releases or how far your announcements may reach.

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2. Create a Website

Your website is an important asset in your digital marketing toolbox. The design of your business website matters since recent studies show that you have 0.03 seconds to impress your visitors. Your website is more than a digital storefront, it’s also your source of inbound marketing.

The website of your San Antonio business is the hub of your SEO and the core branding design. Your company website is where most online seekers go to research your products and services. While exploring your website, they also discover the digital environment that you have made your own. Every service page and blog article can become the answers that your San Antonio customers are looking for. Answers to common questions and curious industry details catch the eye and inspire the click.

Once you become a trusted authority and source of content on your website, those readers who found your initial inbound marketing pages can swiftly become customers when the time and price is right. Web Design in San Antonio is important to keep a professional look and keep your consumers educated about your business before intake even begins.

Someone searching on Google on a tablet

3. SEO Improvements

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the combined efforts to make your page more competitive on search engine results. Who wants to rank third on the page when you could take the top spot? Local San Antonio businesses that rely mainly on customers who live nearby have the most to gain from  Local SEO services, focusing on raising awareness and directing inbound marketing links to seekers who are connected within your service area.

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Other methods of SEO improvement for a San Antonio business website include tuning up the page load performance, improving the mobile-ready design, and building a campaign to seed links to your website through a network of business and advertising partners. SEO in San Antonio can be easy and even free to get started, but soon rolls into a large project of preparing your website and content for the best possible page ranking.

Woman writing a business blog

4. Write a Business Blog

One of the best things you can do for your San Antonio digital marketing is to write a blog. Ideally, this blog will be on the same domain as your home website, but it doesn’t have to be. Your blog is your number one inbound marketing asset because it becomes what your website visitors are “inbound” to read.

Build a business blog first by answering those questions that your pre-purchase customers often ask in the decision making process.  “What are some good party ideas for kids?” they might ask, only to find the best answers on a blog for your entertainment venue. If you are an auto-body shop, write helpful guides on vehicle maintenance and DIY upgrades. Use common search terms and your own knowledge of your customer base to write articles they will find helpful, compelling, and trust-building.

Mix ever-green content with expert behind-the-curtain insights on the industry. Combine human-interest stories about how your product changed lives with how-to guides on assembling the latest flat pack.  Your blog will soon become a primary source of website traffic

Man writing emails on a laptop

5. Email Marketing with Automation

Email marketing has been a favored form of marketing outreach for decades, but a lot has changed since the first promotional emails were sent. Today, you can find and set up AIs that can categorize and personalize emails at lightning speed. Email marketing is more than just templates, it’s dynamically generated content.

Traditional email marketing works best when bringing back returning customers and reaching out to potential customers. The open-rate for familiar senders is much higher than cold outreach. Email marketing can provide value directly to your customers. Weekly emails can educate and provide solutions to common customer problems and emails and remind your customers you exist every week. When your customer finally needs your product or service, you are clearly there for them.

Label with Free Stuff written on it

BONUS: Free Content

Provide free downloadable and useful content. Free content builds more trust in your brand and allows you display a greater level of expertise. Placed behind lead qualification, it’s a great way to build email lists and as inbound marketing, it’s a great way to grow your audience. Come up with a series of valuable free content that would be worth signing up to access. Gated yet free content is an essential part of digital lead-building strategy.


Key Takeaways

If your San Antonio business needs more customers, look no further than digital marketing. Your customers are seeking goods and services with online searches. Is your website ready to get their attention and win their orders? Take these techniques and tie them all together. Blogs can be featured on social media. Social media links back to your website. Your website contains free content and an opt-in email newsletter.  When future customers are searching for your service, great SEO and digital marketing strategy can win their attention and their purchase.

Curious Laiman Digital can help create websites, conduct SEO campaigns, and social media campaigns tailored to getting more customers for your San Antonio business. Contact us today for an initial digital marketing consultation.

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