How to Write Customer-Focused Content

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Written By Nathan Pineda

Nathan is a Web Designer and SEO Specialist at Curious Laiman Digital.

August 11, 2022

Customer-Focused Copywriting: How to Write Engaging Content

The internet is filled with content from companies trying to connect with their audience. Just because your website is overflowing with content doesn’t mean that customers will rush in to make a purchase.

Most people don’t read anyway!

Consumers don’t care for your business, they only want to make their lives better.

Focusing your copywriting around your ideal customer is the key to engaging your visitors. Continue reading to learn how to make customer-focused copywriting.

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What is Customer-Focused Copywriting?

Customer-focused copywriting is a business tactic that focuses on the customer (duh). This helps engage the customer, pictures themselves using the product/service, and converts better! Hubspot even found that customer-driven copy increased conversions by 100%!

Nowadays, customers need more from brands. Customer experience is becoming more important since customers are looking beyond the products. It’s crucial to write catchy copies that will grab customers’ attention.

Why Customer-Focused Copywriting Matters

According to Deloitte, customer-focused organizations are 60 percent more profitable than those that are not.

Understanding your target audience is the start of customer-focused content. Copywriting that focuses around the audience’s struggles and solving them is more impactful.

This type of copywriting allows you to speak directly to your customer’s pain point and connect with them on a personal level. Your customers will lower their guard and pay attention to your offer.

How to Write Customer-Focused Content

It’s easy to see that customer-focused content is the best form of copywriting. You have to discover what your customers need, want, love, or hate – and offer a product or service to suit their needs and advertising to tackle the problem.

Here is how you can improve your writing style to shift the focus on the customer:

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Put customers first

Focus copywriting on “you” instead of “we,” “us,” and “I”. We want to build trust and intimacy with our customers. People like patronizing a reliable brand, so you should firmly focus on the customer. Addressing our benefits in their favor instead of mentioning “our” features and what “we” do is more effective as they will see how we can benefit their lives.

Identify customer pain points

Customers come to you for one reason. They are in pain and are looking for a solution. Pain points are specific problems your ideal customer faces.

Try talking more about the problems you solve and the benefits of using your product or service as opposed to listing out the features.

Keep in mind that your product’s benefits positively impact your customer while your product’s feature only speaks about the product.

Address worries

Customers are always looking for an objection, a reason not to make a purchase, or flat out looking for an excuse to determine something is not a good fit for them. Show the benefit of your product/service, highlight the value, and what life is like without it.

Addressing objections implies your audience has the assurance before they even have the chance to express their worries.

Graphic of Customer leaving a review

Social proof

Customers feel more at ease when there are testimonials. This can put them in previous customers’ shoes and make them realize they could be a good fit. Case studies can take it further by showing what life was like before, during, and after the product/service.

Testimonials are a great way to hype your product. Through it, you can give enough details that your reader can recognize themselves in your previous customers.

You can please your audience further through case studies, address their objections, and use customer success stories. Your ideal customer will see how your product worked wonders for somebody else and picture themselves achieving that same happiness.

Input a Converting Call to Action

Lastly, once your ideal customer has gone through the benefits, how it will solve their pain point, their worries have been squashed, and they see themselves in one of the success stories in a case study/testimonial, direct them to the next step.

The customer now realizes how you can help them. Don’t leave them hanging. Write a converting call-to-action in the customer’s perspective, such as, “I want…”, “Send me…”, or “Sign me up!”

Wrapping up

Great content is customer-focused. Brands need to focus around the customer to convert and bring more sales. Excellent copywriting can accomplish that!

Do you need help with customer-focused copywriting? Curious Laiman Digital can help. Feel free to schedule a call.


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