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Written By Nathan Pineda

Nathan is a Web Designer and SEO Specialist at Curious Laiman Digital.

February 17, 2022

What is Web Hosting?

Glad you asked!

Web hosting is the act of renting or buying space to house a website on the World Wide Web. In order for your content to be viewable, your website needs to be housed on a server.

What is a Server?

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Wow! Great question!

A server is a computer that connects web users from around the world to YOUR site.

Reliably fast hosting is crucial to anyone trying to create an online presence. Providers, such as Laiman Hosting, have the servers and connectivity to host websites.

If you’re new to operating a website, finding a host can be a daunting task. Many new website owners shoot for the cheapest option under the misconception that all providers are the same. This couldn’t be any more wrong.

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Curious Laiman Digital understands the importance of keeping a website loading quickly and reliably for customers. That’s why with Laiman Hosting, we provide premium cloud web hosting for all clients.

The type of web server determines the speed of a website. The most prominent web servers consist of Apache, IIS, nginx, and Litespeed. At Laiman Hosting, we proudly use LiteSpeed as it is miles ahead of Apache when it comes to the performance side and the implementation of HTTP/3. (LiquidWeb)

We went through the labor of creating a cloud web hosting company to provide ourselves and clients the most reliable and fast connections across all spectrums of the internet!

Do us a favor and check out Laiman Hosting!

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